1A receives Distinguished Engineer Award at Zarafa Tour 2014

On September 18th, we attended the Zarafa Tour 2014. It has been a very interesting day with many old and many new faces. Like every year, a number of prizes were awarded. This time, our own Denie Andriessen received the Distinguished Engineer Award!

Because the 1A-server is built and maintained by 1A First Alternative, there are no ready-made packages for Zarafa available. Denie is responsible for building and maintaining all Zarafa-related software on the 1A-server. The level of quality and creativity utilized has impressed the people at Zarafa. Therefore, they have decided to award Denie one of the three available Distinguished Engineer Awards this year.

Brian Joseph, CEO & co-founder of Zarafa this day also set forth the vision of Zarafa: “We want to go beyond traditional groupware with an integrated user experience. Mobile and web have first priority.” This vision has been the central theme in the development of Zarafa 7.2, but more on that later this year.

No Zarafa yet? Please contact your 1A-partner as soon as possible!

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Distinguished Engineer Award Zarafa Tour 2014


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