Webmanager: improved group module

Our developers are busy with the preparations to support Active Directory on the 1A-server. As you have come to expect from us, you as a customer will not notice anything during your daily operations. To make the transition as smooth as possible, a number of components have to be revised first. The first noticeable change is the module “groups” in the Webmanager.

Previously, this module was split into two parts: configuration groups and groups. The configuration groups were intended for all 1A-specific functions. Some of these were not even real groups, but user settings that were also included here in order to be able to easily make bulk changes.

Since the function for bulk changes is used often by 1A-administrators, we have preserved these in a separate table “configuration of users”. All real groups which were previously listed under configuration groups have been moved to the list of regular groups.

The default groups now also have a functional description, as far possible, in order to assist the 1A-administrator with selecing the appropriate groups for users. Also, all descriptions are now adjustable for 1A-administrators.


It was already possible set quotas on the homedirs of users (if the feature was enabled by the 1A-partner). These could then be applied by 1A-administrators in the group module.

Quotas are still applied based on groups, but managing them is now done in a separate module (Webmanager → system → quota).

The method of operation has not changed. The following conditions are still valid:

  • When a user is a member of multiple quota-enabled groups, the highest quota applies.
  • A quota is valid for the entire volume. If there are shares on volume 1, files herein owned by users also count towards the quota restriction of those users.
    Note: We discourage the use of shares on volume 1 when quotas are set, as this will lead to unexpected behaviour of quotas for users.

Webmanager - improved group module


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