Improvements to the Phonetool

Recently, we have released version 2.8 of the Phonetool. This release features improvements which make using 1A telephony with this useful program even easier and more efficient.

Improved design

PhonetoolOne of the most used features of the Phonetool is quickdial. To prevent a user from having to scroll all the way down every time in order to use it, quickdial is now located at the top, regardless of which tab is active.

The “Telephone” tab has been renamed to “Status”. This better covers the functionality. The overview of the external lines can now be folded to only display a user’s own lines. The list of users can now be folded to only display users who are logged on a phone.

The call history in the “Personal” tab now shows the last 5 days or 20 calls (whichever is the one with the most calls).

For telephony administrators the list where the lines can be configured now has its own tab. It is also accessible to users who are allowed to manage one or more lines.

Tooltips & help texts

The tooltips on the status icons for the lines now indicate the destination of the actions on that line. We have also scrutinized the help texts for complex functions and ensured that these are much clearer now.

Central speed dial list

A central speed dial list can now be set. These are links between external numbers and internal speed dial numbers with an optional label. Uploading and downloading of this list may be done by telephone administrators on the “Global” tab.

Link between the phonebook and incoming calls

Where possible, the name of callers is now displayed on incoming calls. This name is looked up in the Zarafa phonebook. If a central speed dial list is configured, these are also used, provided that labels for the speed dial numbers have been set.

Conference rooms

1A telephony also includes the ability to make conference calls. The conference rooms that are created are now visible in the Phonetool when they are in use.

1A manuals

Of course, the 1A manuals for the Phonetool have also been updated.

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