Webmanager: better insight into your 1A-server

In the Webmanager module “serverinfo” 1A-managers can check the health of their 1A-server(s). For example, whether the available hardware resources are adequate in relation to the use. In order to make this information more accessible, more statistics on system performance have been added here.

There are now three standard categories: CPU usage, waiting on disk and current load. When the module “VMs” is in use, there is also a category CPU usage virtual machines.

Most columns have the following three values: “last minute”, “last hour” and “since boot”. The current load category is similar to the old overview, but now also has three values: “last minute”, “last 5 minutes” and “last 15 minutes”.

This new information makes it much easier to asses whether more performant hardware is needed.

serverinfo - extra statistics on CPU and disk usage


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