Dutch government changes rules for customer service numbers

The Dutch government has changed the rules for 090x customer service numbers. These are phone numbers which start with 0900, 0906 and 0909 and are intended for customer service purposes. This could also affect your phone bill.

Yealink-T21PUntil June 13, 2014 the rule was that calling a customer service number would not cost more than 15 cents per minute, plus the usual call charges. This applied only to customer services of companies where you are a customer (private, not valid for entrepreneurs) with certain exceptions, such as calling with a mobile phone, calling from abroad, or if there was a fixed amount set for the entire conversation.

From June 13, 2014 calls to 090x numbers customer service will cost the same as calling a normal landline number. It does not matter whether you call from a landline or a mobile phone. Companies are no longer allowed to add additional per-minute charges. They are allowed to set a fixed amount per call. This is limited to a maximum of € 1 in addition to regular call charges. The reduced rate applies only if you are a customer of the company behind the 090x customer service number you are calling. It is no distinction between a one-time purchase or a regular relationship.

If the 090x number is used for purposes other than customer service, the new restriction does not apply and the entrepeneur can decide what the charges are. It is however required that these costs are specified in advance.

It is not possible to make a list of the costs per number, since these rates are determined by the individual providers of these numbers. Therefore, it is advisable to pay careful attention to the message prior to the call.

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