Even better reachability with the fallback number

You know it and we know it: telephony is very important for your business and you don’t want to miss a single call. Therefore, we have of course implemented full redundancy for our telephony servers in our data centers. But what if your Internet connection goes down, or your location suffers from a power failure? We now have a solution for that: the fallback number.

We can set up a phone number of your choice as a last resort, so you can still receive phone calls.

If your 1A-server becomes unreachable, all your incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to the fallback number within the span of three minutes. In this manner, you will still be reachable by phone, even if the power in the whole area has failed! (provided the fallback number is a mobile number or in a different location).

When the outage is remedied, your 1A-telephony will automatically be restored to the default manner of operation.

Don’t you have a fallback number yet, or no 1A-telephony at all? Please contact your 1A-partner as soon as possible!

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Richard de Vroede

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