ICTVakdag commentary

1A First Alternative only works through local, certified partners. To achieve better regional and industry-specific coverage, we are looking for more suitable 1A-partners. With this approach we were present on May 12th at the ICTVakdag, the event where the main business owners and decision makers from the industry come together in a unique way.

ICT is leukICT is fun. You, as an existing customer or partner already know this; ICT with 1A First Alternative is:

  • simple
  • nice
  • cozy
  • intimate
  • transparent

We have propagated this by designing the stand with a homely appearance. We even had a foosball game at the stand.

gumsmileThe observant guest was able to enjoy a fresh breath and a sweet smile, because let’s face it, ICT with 1A provides for carefree enjoyment. Companies can focus on their core business, without having to worry about the server or their software.

There was a lot of interest for our view on providing ICT services to SMEs. Each company has a unique composition of components. However, these components are, in 99% of the cases, standard blocks! Consider the standard workstation (PC, phone), the work place of a secretary (PC, phone with additional features), a mechanic who is often on the road (laptop or tablet, mobile phone) and so on.

Tired yet satisfied we could once again draw the conclusion that the principles that we have been using for over 10 years, albeit in an evolved form, are still valid and true.

De stand van 1A First Alternative


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.