Configurable default format for new e-mail addresses

When a new user is created, an e-mail address is automatically created as well. In the past this address always had the format username@e-mail-domain. From now on this format is configurable by your 1A partner.

1A First Alternative provides a standard product. But companies, or rather company cultures, are unique. Therefore we have researched which formats for e-mail addresses are most frequently used and made these available for 1A partners so they can configure one for you. The default still is username@e-mail-domain.

The following formats are supported:

  • username@e-mail-domain
  • firstname@e-mail-domain
  • lastname@e-mail-domain
  • initiallastname@e-mail-domain
  • firstnamelastname@e-mail-domain
  • initial.lastname@e-mail-domain
  • firstname.lastname@e-mail-domain

Please contact your 1A partner to have your own default format for e-mail addresses configured.


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