Heartbleed; your 1A server is safe

Maybe you have recently heard the term Heartbleed? Or maybe you have seen IT professionals turning pale and then green? On Monday, April 7, 2014, one of the biggest security risks that the Internet has ever seen hit the news. But do not worry, your 1A server was never vulnerable!

Heartbleed; uw 1A-server is veiligThe issue was dubbed the Heartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0160), and has been present in the OpenSSL software for two years. 1A manages all software on the 1A server and we are quite conservative about that. We do use OpenSSL, but the versions with the problem, have never been present on the 1A server.

Several major Internet companies (including Gmail and Facebook) have unfortunately made use of these versions. It is therefore advisable, when you have accounts on these websites, to change your passwords. Mashable has compiled a list of popular services, where you can check on which websites you should change your passwords.

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