Server Info page on the 1A startpage

Unfortunately, technical information is often required to configure software or to resolve a problem. Sometimes it happens that someone needs to configure something on your PC, and approaches you with questions loaded with technical terms. You will no longer be unable to answer those questions with the Server Info page.

The IP address of the server? The Windows domain? You simply open the Server Info page on the 1A start page. The most commonly used technical information about your network and the 1A server can be found there in a brief, clear overview.

For people who use OpenVPN, this is now the location where the ovpn file can be downloaded. The old page is no longer available. See also 1A manual “Secure OpenVPN tunnel” »

Please note that for security reasons, the Server Info page can only be accessed from your company network.

If you are unable to locate the Server Info page, please refer to the 1A manual “Information about your 1A server” »

Informatie over uw 1A-server


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