Phase-out of Open-Xchange

1A First Alternative has supported the current version of Open-Xchange for years. Meanwhile, almost all of our groupware customers use Zarafa. To deploy our resources more efficiently, it was decided to phase-out Open-Xchange.

Uitfasering Open-XchangeThese days having a groupware solution is common in a business environment. In the beginning of this millennium, this was not the case. Many companies got by with just an e-mail solution. However, the demand for a complete groupware solution increased. In 2005 1A First Alternative added the open source groupware solution Open-Xchange to the 1A-server. This was a promising, license-free solution, but it lacked one this: integration with the increasingly popular Outlook client.

In April 2006 Zarafa was added to the 1A-server. This groupware solution was not license-free, but added support for Outlook with the Zarafa Client and later on support for mobile devices with the addition of Z -Push.

Zarafa Collaboration Platform

We are in the process of migrating the last 10 customers who still use Open-Xchange to Zarafa. Soon, they too can enjoy the powerful collaboration options Zarafa has to offer.

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