Easy management of static IP addresses

All devices on your network to communicate with eachother using an IP address. The 1A server serves these unique numbers via DHCP to the devices on your network. Normally devices get a dynamic IP address, but sometimes it is useful for a device to always get the same IP address. This is very important for printers, for example.

It was already possible to have these set up by your 1A partner, but now you can manage static IP addresses yourself.

On the page “system → network”, you can assign static IP addresses to devices. When you click on the button “assign new fixed IP address”, a screen appears where you can select the desired IP address. The MAC address of the device is required, because this is how devices are uniquely identified. You can also specify a description now, so it is always clear why the assignment was configured.

Another convenient feature offered in the 1A-style: fast, simple and effective.

Read more about the 1A-manager and take a test drive in the online demo »

Webmanager - Fixed IP addresses

Webmanager - Configure a fixed IP address


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