Upgrade to Zarafa 7.1 completed

All 1A servers have now been upgraded to Zarafa 7.1. Because of the advance work that we did, the final rollout went smoothly.

Spreed Web MeetingIn addition to the update of Zarafa, a new version of WebApp (version 1.4 with the plugins Google Maps and Spreed Web Meeting) and a maintenance update to Z-Push have also been installed.

Google MapsThe most important changes were announced in a previous 1A news article. What we have noticed in practice, is that the speed and quality has improved considerably. Especially the new Zarafa Search is a very positive improvement.

The work on Zarafa continues. In addition to regular updates of Zarafa, we are now making improvements to Webindex to get more performance out of Apache in order to attain a smoother experience with WebAccess, WebApp and Z-Push.

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Richard de Vroede

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