1A Partner Day 2013

On November 22nd 1A First Alternative organized the 1A Partner Day. This took place at Kok Delftech Business Centre with the aim to strengthen ties with our business partners and inform them. A number of interested parties were also present.

After the reception and Hanc de Bokx’ word of welcome Richard de Vroede kicked off with an overview of 1A First Alternative, the vision that the company has followed to this day and the available services. Then it was again Hanc’s turn to speek about “the next step”.

After a little break Roel van Meer presented the vision which had inspired the technical developments in 2013 and after that he commenced with the technical planning for 2014. Then it was the turn of Tom Lugtigheid and two of our 1A-partners, Jan van Gerven (DesCom+) and Birger Jansen (CNOC), to relate sales stories, both successful and unsuccessful.

Once again, time for a little break followed by a double session of marketing talks. First, Hanc de Bokx’ vision on joint marketing, followed by a presentation by Wilfred Handgraaf (Eden-Online) on a number of powerful tools which can be used for marketing.

The icing on the cake was provided by Denie Andriessen, who showed a demo of the “1api”, a new feature which enables 1A-partners to retrieve information about the welfare of 1A-servers of their customers with their own software.

Then a short walk to the main office, where the day ended with the presentation of the 1A-partner awards, a gift for all 1A-partners (a Unifi access point!) and of course a modest bracer.

We have learned from the 1A-partners that they have enjoyed the 1A-partnerday. We already look forward to the next edition!


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.