Upgrade to Zarafa 7.1

In the coming months the Zarafa groupware solution on your 1A-server will receive an upgrade to version 7.1. This version marks a wave of product innovation over the last months. Here you can read the most important changes.

Important note for CalDAV users (Mac OS X)

In Zarafa 7.1 the URL for accessing calendars has changed. Previously it defaulted to the first available calendar in a directory. Now you have to specify the name of the calendar. Where you could previously use for example company.com:8080/caldav/peter, you now need to specify company.com:8080/caldav/peter/calendar (assuming the calendar is named ‘calendar’).

This change is backwards compatible with your current Zarafa 7 installation. Of course we have already updated the 1A-manual Configure Zarafa on Mac OS X – Calendar.

Better search options with new Zarafa search technology

The zarafa-indexer has been replaced by zarafa-search to realize major performance improvements. The search engine now indexes new emails just seconds after they arrive, avoiding delays which could be up to thirty minutes on large inboxes. The new search engine storage database reduces storage size and improves performance when performing a search.

Outlook offline storage engine

The Zarafa client was updated to contain the latest MySQL embedded edition for offline usage. Offline users must expect an upgrade of their profile when starting Outlook the first time after the installation of the new Zarafa client. The upgrade time will take from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the offline data profile and the PC performance. During the upgrade the user can work online with the Zarafa Server to continue the work. Offline mode is not available until the upgrade is completely finished.

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