Beta: AirPrint

AirPrint is a technology by Apple to print without the need to install a client driver. There are already printers on the market that support AirPrint directly. Printers that do not support it, can still be accessed with AirPrint through a print server which supports this technology. 1A First Alternative has managed to integrate this into the 1A-server using open source solutions.

AirPrint is available on the following Apple products:

  • IOS
  • iPad (all models)
  • iPhone (3GS and later)
  • iPod touch (3rd generation and later)
  • OS® X (10.7 Lion and later)

Beta test phase

AirPrint functionality on the 1A-server is now in the beta test phase. This means that this feature is not yet available on your 1A-server by default. For now setting up a printer for AirPrint is a manual action that can only be performed by 1A First Alternative.

We are looking for five pioneers who want to sign up for the beta phase, so that we can offer this new functionality to all 1A customers as soon as possible.

Register now for the AirPrint beta test »

Update 27-09-2013: The first pioneer has signed up. There is still room for four more.

Update 16-10-2013: The second pioneer has signed up. There is still room for three more.

Update 06-11-2013: The remaining spots have been filled. Sadly we cannot accept new candidates for the beta test phase.

How it will work on 1A

When someone is a member of the group “Domain Admins” or “Print Operators”, this person can manage printers through a web interface on the server (accessible from local network or VPN).

To enable AirPrint for printers, the server must know which driver should be used to translate the raw data from the client to the printer. We have already included many drivers by default and will expand this collection over time.

When the printer on the server is set up correctly, a test print can be sent to the printer. If it then actually rolls out the printer, the configuration is ready for AirPrint. Then a button is pressed to make the printer available via AirPrint.

AirPrint and the AirPrint logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.


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