1A-manuals migrated to new style

During the development of the new website we were also working on a new format for the manuals. The starting point has been to help the user as quickly as possible, without causing distractions with language fluff. This includes the excess of adjectives and adverbs and lengthy descriptions which were commonplace in the past. Hemingway already said it: “Less is more”.

The consistency between the various manuals also has been improved: equal steps in various manuals are always the same. Pictures are meant to illustrate a step or to show the end result of a step.

The result speaks for itself: concise, clear manuals that put a smile on a reader’s face in no time due to quick results.

An additional advantage is that we can make manuals much quicker and making corrections is now a relatively simple process.

In the near future more exciting changes are planned for the manuals. We are thinking of making them downloadable in PDF-format, adding a feedback system to enable us to respond to the wishes of the customer faster and an API (Application Programming Interface) which should allow for 1A-partners to integrate the manuals in their own website.

Check out the new clear and concise 1A-manuals »

1A-manuals: Migrated to new style


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