External pop3 accounts

It was already possible to have external pop3 mail accounts configured by your 1A-partner. From now on, you can manage these yourself: add an unlimited amount of external pop3 accounts and have the messages delivered to a single user or multiple users, the so called multidropbox.

When using a multidropbox, delivery is determined by the name in front of the at symbol (@). When this exactly matches a username on your 1A-server, those messages are delivered to that user.

An example: you have an external multidropbox account @external-domain.com. After you have configured this account on the 1A-server, mail for external-domain.com is fetched every five minutes. Messages for user1@external-domain.com are delivered to user1, messages for user2@external-domain.com to user2, and so on. Messages for non-existing users are not delivered.

When problems arise with fetching external mail, the last status can be found in the status column for each account. This way you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t.

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