New website!!

It took a while, but now it has finally happened: 1A First Alternative has a brand new website!

When creating the site, we decided on a design that fits our style, but still has a refreshing new character. Also, it has to look good and function on both tablets and desktops.

The emphasis is on acquiring new customers. We at 1A First Alternative of course want to unburden as many entrepreneurs as possible. We also want to recruit new partners, in order to achieve better coverage for our (future) customers. And of course we also want to continue servicing our current partners and customers by offering relevant and up-to-date information.

Because there is a lot of information to be found on the new website, we have made effort to guide the visitor to one or two interesting links to continue to, on almost every page.

There are also references to the contact page or a popup contact form wherever possible to make perfectly clear that 1A First Alternative always wants to assist partners, customers and interested parties with Council & Action.

We hope your visit to our new website will be pleasant and informative. If you comments regarding the website, you can send them to


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.