FTP module in the 1A manager

Recently, we added an FTP module to the 1A-manager. FTP lets you share large files with employees and clients safely and quickly. FTP is faster, more reliable and easier than sending large files as e-mail attachments. The 1A-server uses a modern, safe FTP version where user names and passwords are always encrypted.

For example, you can use the FTP functionality when you want to share a 150 MB file with a client. The file is too large for e-mail, and sending a USB stick or a DVD is impractical and slow. You create an FTP project, create a username and password for your client, and copy the file to the project folder on the FTP share. The client can log in via FTP to your server and download the file. Simple, safe and fast.

You can configure an FTP project so that the client can only read files and not write them. That is convenient when you want to allow viewing of files. But you can also grant write access to your users; that way you create a project folder where every party can place files. This makes sharing files and collaborating with external parties very easy.

For more information, please refer to the manual.


Richard de Vroede

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