Reliable and secure

Reliable and secure
Do you want a reliable and secure network? At 1A your network is in good hands

The security issues on computer systems are gradually becoming worse. What you hear about that in the news is just the tip of the iceberg. Of course you want to protect your business data and not suffer from malfunctions on your network and computers. How can this be achieved?

There are various causes of reliability and safety issues. Please make sure if you have covered the following:

Technical setup:

  1. Does your server have a redundant disk system?
  2. Are backups being made and do you have a disaster recovery plan, so you can fall back on a copy not older than 24 hours in case of a malfunction or loss of documents? And are these backups kept at another location (off site) in case of fire or (physical) burglary?
  3. Do you have a firewall set up and are non-essential services restricted for the outside world?
  4. Do you have e-mail filters against viruses, spam and dangerous attachments set up?
  5. Does your website run on your own server and is it secured enough and always available?
  6. Do your computers have anti-virus and anti-malware software installed which are updated daily?

Checks and maintenance:

  1. Have you ensured that the software you use is updated continuously so hackers cannot use known vulnerabilities?
  2. Have you ensured that users create passwords of at least 8 characters and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers?
  3. Do you check at regular intervals that user access rights are consistent with their tasks or even that they are still employees? It is not uncommon for former employees to still have access to corporate systems of their former employer for a long time.

1A First Alternative offers you 100% reliability and security, giving you peace of mind.

For anyone who has ever experienced a fire or theft of company data, it is obvious that you have to leave ICT security to an expert. It does not have to come that far. 1A First Alternative takes over such care from you, both by the use of modern technology and by continuous monitoring for threats to your IT network. Your system is in the hands of the experts with 1A First Alternative, a very secure sentiment.