The New World of Work with Private Cloud

Het Nieuwe Werken
Implement The New World of Work with Private Cloud in your company? With 1A the ICT side of it is easily arranged.

‘The New World of Work’ is about a new way of dealing with work, flexibility, independent of time and location. The New World of Work also promises greater efficiency which can be achieved due to information technology and telecommunication. The digitisation of companies penetrates the work processes of your employees, suppliers and customers more and more. There is no escape, it is the Zeitgeist.

Advantages of the New World of Work

  1. Your organisation can be more productive and flexible
  2. You and your employees have mail, calendar, chat, documents and applications anytime, anywhere.
  3. Your company can easily collaborate with suppliers, self-employed professionals and clients, both in projects and processes as in (social) networks. From project management to online meetings, all arranged in a single environment.
  4. Regardless of the type of device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet), it can be used safely on the corporate network and the Internet.
  5. Your company can easily operate in a dynamic environment because it has a robust and flexible ICT system.

The New World of Work and the cloud

‘The cloud’ is often mentioned in the same breath as The New World of Work (TNWW). As if one can not exist without the other. Where TNWW actually is about a new approach to work processes, ‘the cloud’ is about organising ICT in a new way. The advantage of the cloud is that ICT infrastructure and applications are made accessible, as a service, via the internet in a unified manner.

There lies the crux: you are 100% dependent on the availability and stability of your internet connection(s). You know how annoying it is when you can not use your e-mail. Imagine when you are dependant on your internet connection for everything… However attractive the cloud solution seems, for the time being it is not a wise decision to put all your bets on this. Fortunately, there is the ‘Private Cloud’: a hybrid solution that will make your ICT services available within your own company and, provided there is a working internet connection, even outside of your company. This enables business-critical operations to continue, even when the internet is not available for a while.

1A First Alternative’s Private Cloud solution

With the Private Cloud solution you get the best of both worlds. Well protected and independent from the internet on the one hand and unlimited capacity and availability on the other. Place your business-critical software on your own in-house server and unlock it for internet access. 1A provides the Private Cloud under the same guarantees as the company managed server. This assures you of proper IT management, a system with which productivity is kept up to the mark.