ICT increasingly complex?

ICT steeds complexer
Your ICT is becoming increasingly more complex; what can you do about it? Prevent chaos, outsource to the 1A certified SME partner

As entrepeneur you have many responsibilities which require a constant influx of new knowledge to remain current. One moment you act as CEO, the next as CIO. You are an entrepeneur, so you delegate and cooperate with partners who take care of certain parts of your business. An accountant, a fiscalist, a payroller, a publicity agency and more; this way you can focus on your customers.

In ICT the deployment of specialists is increasing, but still a disturbing amount of entrepeneurs trusts in the ‘cheap’ deployment of friends and family to maintain their ICT. This results in disturbing numbers for SME on loss of productivity by badly functioning ICT systems. Most SME entrepeneurs still think that a computer network is like an electricity network: “deploy once, never look back”. Unfortunately this is not true: an ICT network requires constant attention in order to prevent disruptions. On average a company looses two hours of productivity per employee per month as a result of ICT issues! Count your profits if you can make those two hours productive.

Cooperation with a 1A certified SME partner increases your profit

1A certified SME partners are IT service providers trained by 1A First Alternative to be able to install, configure and taylor the 1A concept to your company. With 1A First Alternative you get a complete solution for your ICT which is continuously managed and adapts to the development of your company. With a 1A certified SME partner you get an ICT partner who makes sure you can increase your profit. All this thanks to the following features of the 1A concept:

  1. High stability of your computer network.
  2. Implementation of hardware components, like a small business server, which stands up to the quality demands of 1A First Alternative.
  3. Intelligent open source software that monitors and corrects the performance of your computer system 24/7, even before you notice there was a problem.
  4. Guaranteed IT management for a fixed price per month which is guaranteed NOT to increase during your contract period.
  5. Savings on your ICT expenses up to 50% by integrating hardware, software, management and helpdesk in one contract.
    Increase of productivity in your company because your system never again is unuseable.
  6. A central helpdesk you can reach during office hours for free.
  7. A 1A certfied SME partner who always assist you with Council & Action to make sure you only enjoy your ICT facilities.