Computer outages?

Does your company suffer from frequent computer outages? By outsourcing your ICT to 1A First Alternative you regain complete control.

Research shows that the network of a company with 5 to 200 employees is unavailable for an average of two hours per month. For most employees this is time which can be considered lost. A loss of productivity that can amount to € 150 per employee per month. This is in addition to the vexation suffered by you, your employees and your customers.

Causes for malfunctions in the computer network

There are innumerable possibilities for causes; think of the influence of different types of software on each other, inexperienced users, worn hardware components, outdated software, security holes, etc. About 90% of these problems can be reduced to a computer network which is not set up as a whole and is not managed as a whole. Understandable, because it has grown over the years and it is impossible to have all the necessary in-house knowledge and keep it up to date.

Solution for unstable ICT networks

  1. Find an ICT partner with whom you agree upon that they take responsability for the architecture and structural management of your entire company network.
  2. Choose solid hardware and software which has been proven to be reliable and secure.
  3. Choose a partner who monitors your network continuously and who you can appeal to 24/7 in case of malfunctions.
  4. Choose software which can be used by your employees for common operations without requiring much knowledge, like creating a new user or configuring an e-mail address.

1A First Alternative’s full-scale solution

Our solution is full-scale IT management for SMEs. With 1A First Alternative you choose an educated 1A partner who takes care of your IT infrastructure assists you with Council & Action. You choose hardware and software which is audited by 1A First Alternative and tested for quality. With our solution, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure is always operational and always kept up to date. 1A First Alternative offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because we know how important it is that your business can rely on the ICT network.