Always available

Altijd beschikbaar
Do you also want a network which is always available? With 1A that is also a viable alternative for you.

You have the feeling that the computer system your company is dependent on poses more problems than is desirable. After so many years ‘problem-based management’ you comprehend that it is wise to reconcider the way your company’s network is set up and managed. But how do you choose from the very scattered and opaque supply?

You want reliable, but also affordable

Large companies have IT management departments to ensure that the company’s network is problem-free. For SMEs this usually is not a viable solution. SME companies therefore make use of ICT service providers and own employees who do ICT management as a secondary task. In practice, a combination of different suppliers more often than not causes a suboptimal cooperation. Also, because IT management is not a core task, an employee cannot be expected to have all knowledge and experience and remain aware of the latest developments. The outcome can be that an update of a single software package can paralyze a whole system.

Advice for a better company network

  1. Find an ICT partner with whom you agree upon that they take responsability for the architecture and structural management of your entire company network.
  2. Choose solid hardware and software which has been proven to be reliable and secure.
  3. Choose a partner who monitors your network continuously and who you can appeal to 24/7 in case of malfunctions.
  4. Choose software which can be used by your employees for common operations without requiring much knowledge, like creating a new user or configuring an e-mail address.

1A First Alternative will gladly assist you with obtaining a 100% functional and reliable network

1A First Alternative has developed full-scale ‘carefree services’ completely focused on one thing: provide an ICT infrastructure that always functions at the level that is required for your business. In order to achieve the highest level, 1A First Alternative offers a combination of hardware, software and service which is fully aligned, so 100% customer satisfaction can be attained, A unique offer which is very predictable financially and competitive. Do you want to be 100% carefree? Then opt for the best alternative for SMEs; 1A First Alternative with 100% satisfaction guarantee.