With our services, almost every SME can be provided with a suitable ICT solution. If you have specific wishes, we can often meet them. Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes, ideas and questions. We take pride in working with you to find the best possible solution for your situation. All software that we manage is constantly updated. Updates are rolled out automatically without bothering you.

 Cloud Basis €75 per month

With the basic cloud package from 1A you get access to a remote workplace. This already includes the following options:

  • Office 365
  • Anti-virus
  • Mailbox with backup
  • File sharing with backup via shares and Nextcloud

Extra options can easily be added.

  • Extra options

  • Telephony

    The stability and flexibility of 1A telephony make it a very popular service. Multiple lines, call groups, conference calls, opening, lunch and vacation times, and much more. And that at very competitive rates.


  • Extra storage (including backup)

    If the storage capacity proves to be insufficient, additional storage can be purchased for a small surcharge. The backup is included.

  • Application servers

    Companies often use their own local applications. Application servers in the cloud environment can be purchased for this purpose. These (virtual) servers have the same high level of protection against calamities as our own servers.

  • Managed Wifi

    Unifi is a revolutionary WiFi system that combines high performance with unlimited scalability and central management on your 1A-server.


  • Video monitoring

    With Unifi Video you can easily monitor your premises via one or more IP cameras. You can analyze the captured images in the clear web interface, on your smartphone and tablet.

  • Wwwfilter

    With the Wwwfilter, access to unwanted websites can be blocked on the basis of public lists and own filters.

  • Internet usage

    A daily overview of the internet use within your company, broken down by user, usage, address and time.

  • Webhosting

    Your online visibility starts with creating and posting a website.


  • Customization

    No company is the same, which is why we can adapt our system to you.