Samba is the standard software for Linux and Unix to achieve interoperability with Windows systems.

“Samba: Opening Windows to a Wider World”


Ever since 1992 Samba offers secure, stable and fast access to files and printers for all computers that operate with the SMB/CIFS protocol, like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and many others. Samba also is an important component to integrate Linux/Unix servers and desktops into Active Directory environments.

Samba is an integral part of the 1A-server. It takes care of the central user database, the shares and management of the internal names in the domain.

With this software it is possible to grant access to most services with a single set of credentials. The manager simply decides who should have access to which services. This not only guarantees user friendliness, but also provides security.

We also contribute to Samba’s stability by providing bugreports and patches where possible. Our Samba implementations are tailored to the customer’s needs and are experienced as fast, stable and easily maintained.


We have linked the central user database to a stable open source RADIUS-server which can communicate with wireless routers. Shared passwords for wireless access, a substantial security risk, are a thing of the past.