Kopano – Sharing & communication for business

Kopano is thé open source communication & sharing solution. It includes everything you need for your daily professional life. Its open source nature allows you to keep complete control of your data and your infrastructure. You can see what is happening to your data anytime and anywhere: onpremises or in the (hybrid) cloud. Naturally it is also easy to integrate into existing environments, and its modular architecture remains the foundation for easy scalability.

This will be delivered through a future proof client family. The key player here is WebApp, which allows you to be productive from anywhere. DeskApp is developed as the bridge between WebApp and the desktop. Add-ons like Web Meetings and Files are the first visible steps that show the extendability that Kopano provides. Outlook support, working offline and mobility are provided via ActiveSync and the Kopano Outlook Extension.

View the demo of the WebApp here


Gold partner

1A First Alternative is Gold partner and offers a complete platform where Kopano thrives. By combining the power of Kopano with the ease of use of the 1A-server, you get the ideal combination for all your communication requirements.

Simple management with the 1A-manager

With the 1A-manager managing users and e-mail addresses is easy.

Kopano on the 1A-server