1A First Alternative and its partners offer excellent support on all services and products.

Professional support and servicedesk

The 1A support team can be reached by phone and email. We guarentee to find a solution for your problem within a short timeframe. We offer active support within a maximum of three hours, and a solution within a maximum of six hours. The 1A support team manages your network remotely through a safe, encrypted connection.

Automatic status notification

1A-servers send an automated status notification to the 1A-NOC (Network Operating Center) every few minutes. If something isn’t right, the 1A support team immediately starts looking for a solution. You often won’t even notice that something has happened.


The 1A support team continuously improves the 1A-servers with updates and new functionality. All applications on the 1A-server are updated regularly. 1A-servers always run on the most stable software, without any effort from your end.

Status reports

You will receive a status report from the 1A-servers every month. The report states exactly how much network traffic has been sent and received, how many emails were send and received, and more. You can easily keep track of the use and the capacity of your 1A-servers. If necessary, you can notify us immediately.


1A-customers and 1A-partners experience the benefits of scaling. When a problem arises on a few 1A-servers, the solution is placed on all 1A-servers as soon as possible, which prevents the problem from arising on all other 1A-servers.