The 1A-­server is the core that integrates all ICT-services into one ICT­ solution. 1A First Alternative creates the best combination of hardware and software that has been tightly put together and is fully tested. The 1A-­server very wel suited for a wide variety of businesses.

The standard services are quite extensive. Below you see the most used services.

Users and Groups

You can easily manage users, groups and access rights to all 1A-services.


A share is a network drive that you share with colleagues. There you can save your files securily. All files are periodically scanned for viruses.

Active Directory

The 1A-server supports the Microsoft Active Directory standard, so you can use Active Directory tools and a variety of Active Directory enabled applications. LDAP links are also possible.


The 1A-server includes a extensive and proven firewall, which keeps invaders out.


The 1A-server is a full router with support for reverse proxy and port forwards.

The WWWWfilter can, based on public availabe lists and customized filters, block access to websites.

Using a VPN­ connection, you can access your files from anywhere, even if you are at the other site of the globe. Using a Remote Dekstop Connection, you can even work on your computer at the office, while being somewhere else.

Share big files with your customers or partners based on projects. All connections are securely encripted, but it is still easy to use.

If you make use of a website, with data that is only intended for internal use, you can active the intranet. Using the intranet you can make your specific webbapplication available.

The extranet functionality is the same as the intranet, but with the difference that it is also available from the internet, so all over the world.

You have access to a full pack of manuals for both operators and endusers.

Installation and maintenance
The basic installation is performed by 1A. We monitor the system and actively maintain and replace it when needed.

Automatic updates
We are continously developping updates for your 1a-server. These updates are installed automatically without any interference for the users.

The 1A-server has a lot of runnig processes. Some are continuously, some are on specific moments or on specific actions. All processes have to be completed succesfully. We are checking this for your remotely.

My1A is the webbportal to get access to information about all of your subscibed services. You can check this any time.

Status reports
Every month you will receive a status report with graphs of last month. You can download these reports also at our customer portal My1A.