‘Statisticall’ provides insight into the calling behaviour in your company, clear and simple in your favourite internet browser.


Do you want to know who called who, or how long the call wait times have been? In the main overview you are presented with all calls that have passed through your telephone exchange. You can ascertain the exact moment a call has taken place. With the extensive search and filter options, you will always find what you are looking for.

Statisticall - Calls


The screen ‘statistics’ will show you a statistical overview of the calling behaviour of your employees. Here, for instance, you can see the average and total call time per line over a certain period, as well as the number of incoming and outgoing calls. This way, you will get a clear overview of the magnitudes and amounts of your phone use at a glance.

Statisticall - Statistics

Effectively manage telephony

With Statisticall and 1A-telephony you not only call at lucrative prices, but you also gain a very powerful tool to effectively manage telephony in your company.