Telephony (VoIP)

1A telephony and the Phonetool

The 1A-server offers the possibility to call via the internet (VoIP), which enables central and easy network management for phone services. “Making phone calls has never been this easy!”


You can use the 1A-server as a digital phone exchange with the Voice-over-IP protocol (VoIP). You can call worldwide for a very low rate with a special phone. The 1A-server has an extensive and personalisable phone services package: define voicemail messages, create call groups, use multiple lines, record conversations, place incoming calls in a cue, and much more.


The Phonetool is a powerful tool for using and managing 1A-phone services. An overview of available lines and internal numbers is shown in the Phonetool. You can manage your own settings in this tool. There is also the option to link a public address book from Office 365, amongst others. General settings can be managed by an appointed phone manager. Read more about the Phonetool »


Statisticall provides you with clear and easy insights into the call statistics of your company in your own favorite webbrowser. Do you want to know who called who, or how long a caller had to wait? On the overview page you can see all conversations that took place through your phonehub. You can see when a call was made. You can search very specifically with the search and filter options.