The 1A-server represents an extremely flexible system which can also be extended with various options.

1A First Alternative provides customisations as well. In most cases specific requirements can be developed.

Do not hesitate to inform us of your wishes, ideas and questions. It is our great pleasure and honour to develop the best possible system for your situation, together with you.

Flexibel with many options

The 1A-server can also be used as a full-fledged telephony server. Greatly reduces costs. The versatility of digital telephony allows you a lot of flexibility. Read more »

Virtual machines

The 1A-server can host multiple virtual machines. They are a fully integrated part of your network. You can, for instance, run a virtual license server or application server.


Rsnapshot allows backups to be made of a certain point in time in the intervals daily, weekly and monthly and multiple backups can be stored. Also, backing up to another location is possible. Read more »

Online Backup
At set times your 1A-server makes a backup to encrypted storage in our data center. This safeguards you against calamities. You can easily restore files and folders yourself.

Managed Wifi
UniFi is a revolutionary WiFi-system that combines high performance with unlimited scalability and central managment. Moreover, it is affordable. 1A First Alternative is a reseller of this system. The central management interface functions on the 1A-server. Read more »

Video monitoring your building

Keep an eye on your office with one or more IP-cameras with Unifi Video. You can analyse the recorded images on your smartphone or tablet in an easy to use webinterface.

Exchange Online

We offer a full Exchange-server in the cloud if you want to use Outlook for shared email, calenders or contacts, or if you use software that requires Outlook to function.


Nextcloud can be used to synchronize files (and is similar to Dropbox). It also allows you to share these files with people outside the company.

Internet usage accounting

A daily overview of the internet use within your company, shown the specific usage for each user through the day.

Desktop support

Our experienced help desk employees are at your service when you choose desktop support. In this way you need to worry even less about the ICT in your company.


No company is the same, therefore we adapt our system to you.