1A-services are exclusively offered through certified 1A-partners. Your 1A-partner is the go-to person for all your ICT-wishes and needed support. We support our partners and their customers. We do this according to the three pillars of our service:

  • Ease – ICT needs to be accessible. Our software is therefore easy to use, the information is transparant en many services are integrated.
  • Sustainable – ICT is important for your company. It should therefore always work and it should last a long time. Our hardware and software is monitored and updated around the clock.
  • Together – It is important to have direct and personal communication with your ICT-supplier. Therefore, 1A only supplies through certified 1A-partners.


ICT environments are complex. We have split them up into four clear components: 1A-server(s), the 1A-manager, 1A-support and 1A-options.

Our 1A-partners

We have selected a network of 1A partners who can install and maintain your ICT environment at your offices. These 1A partners can also give advice about other ICT related businesses, like telephony (Voice over IP, VoIP), internet and applications. They are real SME specialists who can make excellent estimations on what you need. The SME specialists take your worries about ICT away, so that you can fully focus on your core business.

Open source technology

Our software is often based on open source software, which means we have a big influence on the functioning and the safety of the software, as well as on fixing problems.


We have a few (digital) brochures available in case you want to read this information again. If you contact us, we can also send you the broshures by mail.sendYes, I want to become a customer